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Mir Core

JSON Parsing and Serialization library.

The following table is a quick reference guide for which Mir Core modules to use for a given category of functionality.

Modules Description
mir.algebraic Generic variant and nullable types
mir.exception @nogc MirException with formatting
mir.reflection Compile time reflection utilities
mir.bitmanip Bit-level manipulation facilities
mir.conv Conversion utilities
mir.functional Functions that manipulate other functions
mir.primitives Templates used to check primitives and range primitives for arrays with multi-dimensional like API support
mir.qualifier Const and Immutable qualifiers helpers for Mir Type System.
mir.utility Utilities
mir.enums Utilities to work with enums
mir.string_table Mir String Table designed for fast deserialization routines
    Integer Routines
mir.bitop A collection of bit-level operations
mir.checkedint Integral arithmetic primitives that check for out-of-range results
    Basic Math
mir.math Publicly imports mir.math.common, mir.math.constant,
mir.math.common Common floating point math functions
mir.complex Generic complex type
mir.math.constant Math constants Base floating point routines
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